Surrounded by rolling countryside Free Rangers is located on a former working farm site and has exclusive access to 20 acres.

The nursery building is a renovated 18th century mill barn and glass fronted loggia which house our learning areas; the Nest, Warren, Burrow and Den. The immediate garden area can be accessed easily by all ages and is an exciting mix of textured paths, gentle grass mounds, a substantial sand pit, mud kitchen and a paved area.

Off the nursery garden is the willow-fenced paddock where our fire pit sits in between the handmade, round-wood timber Fort and Log Cabin. These two beautiful structures provide opportunities for the children to be involved with important risky and independent play.

Through the wild meadow and past the mudslide is the securely fenced pond where wildlife is abundant and can be explored through all seasons.

In the bottom yard, beyond the timber gate, you may find Gary the Goose, Stanley the Cockerel, the chickens busy laying their eggs or one of the many horses or ponies that share the Free Rangers’ site with us.

A short trek away a gentle brook meanders through fields and a woodland provides endless opportunities for adventures. To experience a steeper incline, we venture up to the plantation to view the nursery from the top of the hill.