Can a child's diet affect their behaviour?

As a parent myself I always notice the instant effect of some foods and drinks on my children's behaviour. (Never again will a Fruit Shoot pass their lips!)

But what is the latest research saying?

Instinctively we feel that sugar almost instantly turns our children into Tasmanian Devil style lunatics who run around and ping off all the furniture. But physicians say there is no scientific evidence to co-oberate our theories. 

One line of thought is that adrenaline is released upon sugar consumption (particularly highly refined sugars) more quickly in children than in adults, meaning behaviour, in the form of hyperactivity will result. But more recently, a link has shown between healthy guts, healthy minds and positive behaviours.

This article explains how this relationship works:

Healthy Guts

So whether you're a finger licker or a bowl scraper, at Free Rangers we always strive to provide the children with unrefined sugars, leafy greens and food that will promote gut health and a balanced diet. As research grows, it seems we really should listen to our "gut instinct" when it comes to what we should be trying to feed our children.